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stijlnet.com has published many information site over the years and a number of these offer advertising or feature opportunities. Our websites have covered many different subjects from property to clothing and travel to food and the readership predominantly comes from organic search results, PPC search ads and related network sites. Sites are not merely shopping pages, product listings, landing pages or regurgitated articles but contain original content written especially for the site on which it is published. We also have a growing bank of digital images to draw from and where we do not have a suitable picture in our own archives, we will source one from a 3rd party image bank in order to keep our sites relatively simple but rich in related media.

Examples of non-technical information sites within our publishing network include a comprehensive guide to Berlin, a number of Greek destination minisites, a genealogy primer, basic digital imaging tutorials and an introduction to growing your own vegetables. Specifically created sites have included promotional pages for merchants of underwear for him and her, packaging materials, garden seeds, extreme gaming PCs and more. We have also operated a wide array of industry related sites / pages plus community driven areas such as message board forums.

Our publishing network underwent a significant review in 2012, with many redundant sites taken offline, in order to focus our energies on newly emeging and already successful domains. If you are interested in advertising or commissioning a feature at one or more of our websites then please contact us regarding fixed period site/page sponsorship, CPA ads or any other acceptable advertising model. Pan-network advertising is primarily made available to affiliate networks and consultancy clients who receive PPC or other marketing management services whereas site specific ads and paid feature pages are available to all our customers.

Sites and other content are mainly written by our own in-house staff writing team and proofread work is articulate, of a high quality, engaging to the reader and contains a wealth of relevant information. Our output of text based content is continuous and we open up this service to our customers through our original content and article writing service.

Our sites are published across our own distributed network of shared hosting, reseller accounts and leased servers, ensuring that substantial sections of our network remain online even when serious technical issues may be affecting other websites that we operate. We take the uptime of our websites seriously and host them alongside our clients' own sites. If we've got a problem, some of them do too and our priority is to remedy the issue as quickly as possible.

Visitors to many of our sites become loyal readers / participants who return on a regular basis for updated information or topical discussion. Traffic to our pages is highly relevant and we do not use any form of non-targeted advertising, pop unders, unsolicited email or the likes to drive visitors to our online properties.

Our websites receive various amounts of traffic and even at the same site visitor numbers may vary dramatically with seasonal variations. Some of our single page domains only garner a handful of visitors per day whereas others may receive thousands of visits per month. If you are looking for 1,000,000 random blanket ads per day then ours is not the network for you. If you would prefer affordable marketing aimed at serious prospects then we may have the answer with our small but highly focused campaigns.

In addition to our own publishing network we occasionally participate in partner projects, lending resources to co-developed websites, and we retain certain rights in the advertising to be shown at these sites. These sites may be hosted by ourselves or by an unrelated hosting company and ad placements at them may be offered to network advertisers according to the relevance to their own website. We are also able to negotiate advertising at a limited number of websites that we have developed for clients or where we sponsor the site's hosting and where the site's owners have significant visitor numbers and are looking to turn these into another valuable revenue stream. Advertising at sites in these latter two categories (not fully owned and operated by ourselves) will only be offered to consultancy clients on an ad-hoc basis and is in addition to our standard network ads.


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