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Web Hosting / Server Space

Please note that, as of March 1st 2010, our hosting accounts are only available as part of a consultancy client's complete package of services. We do not currently offer new hosting packages or related technical support as standalone services.

stijlnet.com utilises a number of IP addresses, servers, reseller and shared hosting accounts on networks in the EU and beyond. We believe in getting great deals on reliable bandwidth and server spec to pass on to all our customers.


box77.info Hosting Status & UKBox77RS Login (For any standard 77/94x account listed below)

If you wish to order any of the hosting accounts listed below please contact us via the box77.net website. Our hosting accounts are currently available from just 17.88 GBP for 12 months, excluding email / database / cgi / scripting facilities. We currently only offer a variety of Linux / BSD OS based accounts with standard Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) options. Frontpage extensions are not supported with any of our standard accounts.

A. Our standard paid hosting accounts offer UK based webspace, both with and without email and database facilities. Monthly data transfer is appropriate to account size and we always endeavour to keep reasonable overage charges low. Our current packages are

  • 77/941 Junior Host with 5GB/month (custom option for our Resellers / Freelancers / Developers)
  • 77/943 Junior Host with 50MB webspace, 10GB/month @ 17.88 per year *Popular Choice*
  • 77/947 Junior Host with email @ 35.50 per year
  • 77/946 Entry Level Featured Hosting Package @ 45.00 per year
  • 77/945 Business SOHO Small Office / Home Office HTML Page Maker from under 100.00 per year
  • 77/948 Power Host with 2GB, 35GB/mo and beginning at 250.00 per year *Company Choice*

B. Bespoke Hosting Packages. Custom configuration hosting accounts, with various tools, scripts and other libraries and utilities are also available depending upon type of site, anticipated server load, bandwidth use, concurrent users and any proposed scripts to be installed.

C. International Hosting Packages offer webspace on three continents in one affordable and flexible bundle. Modern UK datacentres / ROW datacenters, high performance servers and excellent connectivity are essential features for the business operating in diverse global markets. Servers are located in Europe (UK), North America (USA) and the Asia-Pacific region (Singapore) for optimum response times, SEO and localised marketing purposes.

D. Consultancy clients may, according to their package, benefit from various hosting related services including training, support, space management and access to preferred pricing on selected products including

  • Additional Hosting accounts
  • Bulk allowance
  • Reseller options
  • Dedicated Server (managed / root access) options

E. Limited Sponsored Hosting

Hosting Notes

Please be aware that all our hosting accounts require a degree of technical knowledge to administer and we cannot reply to general user support enquiries regarding DNS, FTP, email or control panel functions and scripts. Please consult your welcome email for details of your hosting account, uploading to it and making sure your domain name resolves to it. A financial bond or guarantee equal to 500 GBP may be required for us to set up any of our hosting accounts for new server space customers. All hosting customers are liable for any action that should be brought by any upstream providers and are solely responsible for the content and files hosted within their accounts.

A. Standard UK hosting accounts

77/943 Junior Host is our basic hosting account. Available direct or custom options known as 'Dev. Reseller Hosting' available through our Freelance Resellers and by referral. Currently (Jan '09) offers 50MB webspace and 10GB data transfer / month. Restricted features - no email, no scripts, no subdomains and no databases. Suited to those publishing their first non-dynamic website, product landing page campaigns etc

77/946 Entry Level Host is a starter package with comprehensive facilities including 50 MB+ of UK based webserver space, 3.5GB bandwidth per month, 5 mailboxes (incl webmail), subdomains, CGI, 2 MySQL databases plus all the usual reliable hosting features you'd expect. Suited to small companies, new web developers etc

77/945 Business Small Office / Home Office HTML Page Maker (FTP/HTTP access only) comes with approx 400 MB storage and 15GB monthly transfer excluding any db, email, scripting options.

77/948 Power Host comes with approx 2 GB storage and 35GB monthly transfer with 20 email, 10 databases, many scripts and cgi options included as standard.

B. Our bespoke hosting accounts provide access to standard features and further options including

Website Builder
File Manager
Comprehensive Web Server Information

Email Options
Catch All Email Forwarding
Email Filter Logging
Junk Mail Filters

Scheduled Tasks
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
Website Password Protection & IP Address Blocking
Backup Your Website
Site Submission
Website Redirect

Web Resources
Free Software
550+ Website Templates
Photos, Images and Web Art Library
Web Hosting Templates
Web Design Links
Javascript Maker

Website Diagnostics
Web Space Checker
HTML Tools
Network Tools
CGI Script Tools

Website Reporting
Google Site Map
Webalizer Graphical Statistics
AWStats Graphical Statistics
Log File Download
Graphical/Text Access Counter & Hits Logger in One
Bandwidth Graphs

osCommerce Shopping Cart
Agora Shopping Cart
Zen Cart

CGI/PHP Scripts (current as of Jan 07 2009)

WordPress Blog
Joomla! CMS 1.5
Joomla! CMS 1.0
Mambo CMS
Geeklog - The Ultimate Weblog System
Nucleus Weblog
phpBB 3
phpBB 2
RoundCube WebMail
Drupal CMS
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Locked Area Lite
Form to Email
Photo Gallery (no db)
Photo Gallery (db)
Free For All Links Page
Website Search
E-Blah Discussion Board
Web Postcards
Web Auction
Domain Name Checker
404/500 Error Page
Banner Advert Manager
Java Clock
Web Calendar
Web Survey
Internet Countdown
Random Text Displayer
Random Images Displayer
Web Ring
Trouble Ticket Express
Classified Adverts
Crafty Syntax Live Help
Squirrel Mail

E. Any Sponsored / Free Hosting is available by offline invitation only and accounts are non standard and are not normally hosted on the same machines as the paid hosting accounts listed above. Free hosting accounts are made available to support a limited number of local groups or charitable entities. We also provide ad supported free hosting to a small number of local business and personal sites. All free accounts are required to carry specified ads and/or links back to our network thereby offsetting their hosting costs. For high page view sites this may also offer additional revenue options by negotiation or via brokerage.

General - Tech Support and Data Transfer

Please note that we do not offer any form of technical support for the accounts, scripts, features and options listed above, other than to our consultancy clients. RAID array and routine backups are not featured as standard but may be available with bespoke accounts and dedicated server configurations.

Monthly data transfer allowance is not burstable as standard and you should upgrade your account in advance if a higher load is anticipated. For any of our bespoke and burstable accounts the monthly overage is currently charged at .23GBP/GByte. Overage charges will always be calculated for transfer over a full or incomplete calendar month (Jan, Feb etc) regardless of invoice date.


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