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Search Engine PPC Pay Per Click Services

stijlnet.com runs a number of Search Engine Pay Per Click campaigns for its own sites, primarily through Google.com's network. We are also able to extend advice and assistance with these services to our clients. Our oldest campaigns date back to 2003 and we generate numerous clicks each day, driving genuinely interested traffic and business to websites belonging to our network, users and clients. Here are just a few examples of how PPC ads can be used to make sure that your ad is seen on the first page, when the competition may number in the tens of millions.

Ad showing for manchester information along with 96 million results (UK & selected EU)

Results page screenshot

Ad showing for cheap articles above 145 million results (UK)

Results page screenshot

Showing as top ad for car valeting above 1.48 million results (Geo-specific - Manchester, UK)

Results page screenshot

Ad showing for hosting network along with 138 million results (UK & selected EU)

Results page screenshot

You can view an example of our reporting for a client's basic search engine PPC campaign here. Please remember that an effective PPC campaign should go hand in hand with at least a structured long term SEO strategy. You will always need good onpage SEO to create relevant landing pages. These have a far better chance of interesting visitors and keeping them on your site.

We don't have the space here to tell you about the need for a good quality score, keeping the click cost down, geo targeting, the content network, ppm and cpa options, split testing, ad copy or all the other factors to consider, but be assured we're always looking to maximise your ROI and deliver new customers.


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