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stijlnet.com has published content at and optimised numerous domains over the years and is able to achieve demonstrable results over a period of time. SEO is all about gaining top rankings in the various search engines' organic results and can be a valuable source of highly relevant traffic for your website and business.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation / Optimization involves onsite and offsite strategies and techniques covering content, code, internal linking, outbound links and effective backlink strategies. From showing you where to begin to an active role our network can help with your SEO strategy and its focus on the three major search engines of google.com, yahoo.com and bing.com.

We have a site with basic SEO Information and Tips, plus older pages including an SEO overview (Flash c/w sound), info on SEO and traffic for the beginner and our SEO related consultancy services online.

If you arrived at this page looking for information on receiving a link from one of our own network sites then please read the 'Link Building with us' page for further details. Do not spam us with irrelevant link requests!


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