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Domain Names

Please note that, as of March 1st 2010, many of our domain name options are only available as part of a consultancy client's complete package of services. We do not currently offer managed names, brokerage, backorder, domain catching or any related technical support to non-consultancy customers.

stijlnet.com and its users have registered numerous domains over the years and constantly seek out first class registrars for their effective balance of affordable cost and quality service. From showing you where to register cheap domain names, managing name registrations and DNS for a business domain, through to trading in premium names, offering backorder / dropcatch / aftermarket auction and brokerage services, our network can help you when it comes to domain names.

  • Visit our WWD reseller account for US $ based com, net, info and org names using Box77Direct.com
  • Register global domain names
  • New registration domain name management for the major generics and many European TLDs
  • Domain transfer management for the major generics and .uk
  • Desirable Domains and Premium Names for sale under major generics and various ccTLDs
  • Name brokerage, domain negotiation and portfolio parking management
  • Backorder and dropcatch services for .com / .uk and other TLDs
  • Worldwide registries, ccTLD and gTLD information


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