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stijlnet.com has many years of experience in web publishing, internet marketing and associated fields and can draw on this knowledge when advising clients regarding strategy, technology, logistics and budgeting for their online venture. Consultant, Mike Goodyear, has a background in the internet and web for postgraduate research, mobile internet and telephony technologies, PC assembly, small business P2P network design and build and has been registering domain names, using webservers and coding HTML since 1999 and managing Google Adwords PPC campaigns since 2003.

Our company has a good in-house working knowledge of most of the major protocols and platforms used to create and publish simple but effective pages of product or topic information and monetised through sales or advertising revenue. The growth of a simple website will generally involve a knowledge of DNS, IP, FTP, HTML / XHTML / XML, CSS, LAMP, RSS, SEO and various imaging / design packages. Marketing may involve a Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) budget for Google Adwords on a PPC or PPM basis, Facebook.com ads, YouTube and flickr content, negotiated sponsorship, image or video virals, press release, syndicated content and many other forms of new media communications. Consultancy clients are welcome to request further information or have us undertake specific research regarding any of these aspects of internet publishing and marketing in relation to your online business.

Sectors where we have significant experience include travel (particularly Greece), marine & boats, arts, books & literature, foreign business sales plus localised small business to business services, retail & support industries.

Consultations are primarily provided by appointment, either online or at a client's premises. Clients may also be invited to schedule a meeting or attend an open session at a remote office location, close to Manchester or elsewhere in the UK & Europe.


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